This policy apply to all of our customers for the fairness reasons.

For quality assurance purposes, all sales are final. We currently do not accept exchanges or returns for refunds. We hope you understand!

1. Hygiene Concerns: Swimming shorts come into direct contact with the body and water, making it challenging to resell them once they’ve been worn due to hygiene considerations.

2. Health and Safety: To protect the health and safety of all customers, we do not accept returns on swimwear, as it’s difficult to guarantee that the product hasn’t been contaminated.

3. Protecting Quality: Refusing returns can help ensure that all customers receive new, unworn swimwear and
prevent the resale of potentially damaged or worn items.

4. Store Policy: It’s important to adhere to policy consistently to maintain fairness for all customers.

If you have any questions or received a damaged item, please contact our friendly customer service team for assistance.